Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The end is nigh...

Well, seems I am not the only one on my way out of the auths team.

The Arsehole had a meeting with the 'Big Boss' yesterday, to discuss his project. 'Big Boss' said the numbers didn't excite him, to carry on with the test in place, but after April to not do any more work on it until there are numbers to look at.

This is the 'Big Boss' who is just here for 3 months. For some reason they can't recruit, so they have brought in a consultant. The same consultant who gave the 'Big Big Boss' his job here 3 years ago. Who happens to be commuting to this temporary, 3 month role. On a weekly basis. From America. You can bet your bottom dollar he isn't travelling economy class. Every week.

Hell, why can't they recruit someone? This guy must be costing in excess of £250 million. Just for 3 months. And you know when they do recruit someone they will come in and turn around all the decisions he has made. New broom and all that.

Anyway. I actually feel sorry for The Arsehole. He had effectively been promised a further 2 members of staff because his project was so 'important' and he 'couldn't do all the work on his own'. Now it's all been canned.

However, rather than assess what else there is to be done on auths, surprise surprise he is going to be working on projects from the other teams.

I also sent a very nice email to new boss (considering what a twat he is being) today, copying in his boss, pointing out that if he wants me to do different work, then I want it to be part of my 'contract' (what we use for the performance appraisal, not actually my job contract). I also pointed out that he would have to justify why this project is not going live to the big bosses, since he had signed up for it at the beginning of the year (and copied that document to him too!). He has been in meetings all day, so I am not really sure what his reaction has been, other than to agree to the meeting I scheduled tomorrow afternoon......

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