Friday, March 19, 2004

Gentle Ego

It appears my nickname of 'Big G' is leading some people to think this is a reference to his genitalia. I can categorically state that, crass as I am sometimes, I do not discuss the size of a man's winky with anyone but that man. (BTW - you have nothing to be ashamed of!)

Crap day at work - I am finding it really difficult to be motivated at the moment. Since the proposed possible promotion of The Arsehole. Even though he hasn't been, I am just not that happy about working for a company that would seriously consider promoting someone like that. Also, there has been a change in emphasis in the direction we are taking since I began my project - we are now not looking to increase income, but to reduce bad debt. However, no-one has explicitly told me this. My project looks set to increase net profit by up to £5 million. But it also increase bad debt by £2 million. I just know I am going to write the paper, send it off to the big boss, and it will come straight back. But having been told nothing to the contrary, this is what I have to do. Don't you hate big companies some times?

Still, pay day next week. And I get a big one (oo-er missus). Whoo hoo, my bonus will be in there. Not that enormous, but enough for a night or two out. Or maybe a trip to New York seeing as I haven't been for, ooh, 3 months!

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