Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I am on the wine already

I am so pissed off it is unbelievable.

Yet again, I have had the same discussion with my 'new boss' about the project I have been working on for the last 3 months. Without a boss. Running all major decisions past the big boss, and just getting my head down and doing it.

Well, new boss wants to make his stamp on it. However, this is supposed to be implemented and live in April. And he wants me to completely redo my analysis. Simply because he doesn't understand it.

Now, I can sort of see where he is coming from.

BUT ...... I have been in this position for 6 months, and he is giving me no credit for having thought through all his options already and deciding on doing it the way I have for good reasons.

Without getting too technical (and also competition issues) I work for a credit card company. I am responsible for authorisations. This means every time you use your credit card, and the little machine thingy talks to my company, ultimately it is my decision whether that transaction goes through or is declined. The project I am working on is for all those transactions which take you over your credit limit. Some we allow, some we don't.

All other decisions to do with your credit card are made either at customer level (so if you have more than one card, we add them all together) or at card level. This is different. This is a single transaction that I have a split second to make a yay or nay decision on. You could make one purchase of �500, which puts your account over limit. Or you could have 5 transactions of �100 each. And, to make it more difficult we could accept some of them, and decline others. So you could make 3 of �100 that go through, one of �100 which doesn't, and then another of �100 that does go through.

I am sick to death of explaining this.

So, had a meeting. Went over this yet again.

Then boss decides that actually, we are not going to do anything with this, and instead look at just increasing their credit limit.

He was not happy when I pointed out that that negates the whole of my agreed work for the first quarter of this year, and if so, I expect it to be re-written and agreed before I do anything else, since my bonus depends on whether I hit my targets or not. He was not happy.

I have an internal job application for a SAS expert. In another team.

Better get started on that before I have much more wine I suppose.

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