Wednesday, March 17, 2004

No sparks

...did fly from the meeting with D. Although I did have a long discussion with him about what I actually do - he really has no clue. And he is coming up with all sorts of 'suggestions' about what I could do for my analysis, when I have already done it, and am writing up the paper and want to get it in in April. No way am I completely re-doing all the analysis just because he doesn't understand what I am doing.

The 'extra' bits were actually just part of my job anyway. I think it just makes him feel important to tell me this is something I have to do. I already have it on my list, thanks, already know about it, already know what I have to do. Actually.

And thanks for all your comments regarding the lamb bones - the Arsehole has requested the bone for his dogs. Can't do anything with compost - I live in a flat, no compost heap. No garden.

Also, a bonus today. I need to renew the contract on my flat. I spoke with the agency last week about renewing it for 6 months, and she spoke to the landlord. He is happy to keep the rent as it is. Today I asked if I could make it a 12 month lease, and the woman, after speaking to the landlord, came back. He was planning to up the rent after 6 months, but would consider a 12 month lease with the rent slightly increased to half way. Erm. No. Maths is my good point. I will take a 6 month lease at the lower rent, and then see where I feel like living. She came back to me after that with an offer of a full 12 months at the lower rent. Better to have me in for 12 months apparently, than to risk me moving out after 6 months. Because I am "such a good tenant".

They don't know I am looking after my cat for 4 weeks, hee-hee-hee!

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