Monday, March 29, 2004

Spring Clean

Well, not exactly, but I have done quite a bit these last few days. I still have 3 boxes left to unpack, but I now have most of the stuff in my flat at least in the room it should be in. My main problem is I can't put the futon up on my own, and therefore can't get into the cupboard to put all my crafty stuff away, so there is just a big pile of it all over the floor. But I feel pretty virtuous.

Cat is a pain in the arse still, but so lovely. I have spent a good 4 hours ironing over the weekend too (a couple of the boxes had a stack of clothes in - mainly summer clothes, so I hadn't missed them) and she has proceeded to lie over as much of it as possible. I got my own back though by getting the vacuum cleaner out... mwah-hah-ha....

Friday night I went round to J's, and we had a Chinese takeaway, and a bottle of red wine each. I had a headache Saturday, when I went to have my hair done. It's still red and purple, but I think I might end up going back to blonde. Much as these colours are really nice, the blonde really seems to 'lift' me up.

Back to work tomorrow which should be boring as hell, but hey ho, it pays the bills.

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