Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Well knackered!

Today dawned bright and cold. And I really had no excuse.


I did it.

I walked to work!!

That's 2 miles.

2 miles there and back.

And now I am knackered. And my feet hurt. And I feel very, very virtuous.

Driving tomorrow though. J is coming for dinner, and so I will drive us both home, and her boyfriend will come and pick her up when we are suitably stuffed and pissed.

Another update on the Arsehole/management issue. When I was interviewed for the job, I was interviewed by everyone and their dog. Apart from the woman who eventually became my boss, because she was off on holiday. I think that is partly why I am treated as I am - she didn't like everyone else making decisions on her behalf, although at the time she had said she was happy with it. Anyway, one of the blokes who interviewed me was S, who also works for the same boss, and is actually the same grade as me. I assumed this was a standard thing - to see if you actually would get on with potential co-workers.

However, since I have started, S is the only one who has ever been involved in interviews at our grade. There are actually 6 of us at the same grade, and only S gets involved in interviewing.

Until today. Today, they were interviewing for the manager of our team (the one which upset the Arsehole so much). And guess who got invited to take part in the interviews? Of course it was the Arsehole. And of course, he is going to give an impartial view isn't he?

And because he was involved, he got to go to the meeting after the bloke left to discuss how he went, and if they are going to offer the job. And he was expressly told not to tell me or A what was discussed. To be fair, even the Arsehole thought this was wrong, but he still didn't tell us.

I really hope this bloke gets the job - at least then I'll know the Arsehole won't get it.

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