Monday, March 08, 2004


I think I am a witch.

I often am able to 'guess' things - used to drive X mad when we worked together, and we would be coming home from work, and on calling the lift, from a bank of 4 I would always stand by the one which would eventually open. He used to make a game of it at first, but then used to get really annoyed when he always lost. Okay, not always. But probably 90% of the time, when confronted with a bank of lifts, I will choose the right one.

Also, sometimes the phone would ring, I would look at X and say "That's so-and-so". And I would be right. And this wasn't just for 'regular' people, like parents, or siblings. Often it would be someone neither of us had spoken to for a while, yet I very often perceived who was ringing me.

The weird thing that is happening to me at the moment is texts. Over the weekend, there have been about 6 times when I have been texting Big G, and while I am hitting send, my phone will beep, and he is texting me. Now this is not in the middle of a text 'conversation', this is unrelated texts, a few hours apart.

He is scared to get on the wrong side of me, hahaha..........

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