Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Work life

Has been such a pleasant week, because the Arsehole isn't in. A and I gave up trying to re-write his code (hahahaha) and just started from scratch. What a waste - 4 days of the two of us full time. And for some reason the bosses are refusing to recruit 'grunts'. I am getting a bit annoyed with this - they are not paying me what they pay me to write stupid data pulling code, and definitely not to re-write some Arsehole's code.

On a particularly bitchy note, I got an email yesterday, regarding the project the Arsehole is on, requesting confirmation of the names on the report. I checked it - Arsehole for comments, me just for information, and replied straight away to say it was fine. Then I got another email which appeared to be the exact same email. On checking the attachment this time, they had added job titles. He got 'Lead Analyst' (which we both are), and I got 'Manager'. Well, I had already responded - no point in responding just to put that little mistake right is it?

It is going to piss him off sooooo much, that even the people he works with daily on his project think I am his manager.

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