Sunday, April 11, 2004

Across the pond

Sigh! Just got off the phone to Sexy Eric. Big sigh! He is still as sexy as ever. And still just as unattainable.

Lots going on at my old place of work, including people being laid off. Funny - not one of those being laid off is a surprise - all bloody good at what they do, but their faces don't fit. It happens over here, but I have never seen it quite so much as at that department. The boss is such a wanker it's unbelievable.

Trying to persuade him to come and see me (don't I always?). His brother is coming to London over the summer, so he was going to fit both visits in at once. However, surprise surprise, the flights during late July and August are more than twice that if he travelled in May. Still didn't manage to convince him to come see me in May though.

I am a little pissed. Gotta love the red wine (although white wine makes people horny so I hear....) but now I have finished the bottle, and I need some more. But even I can't manage two bottles of red, I am not that much of a pisshead. Honest!

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