Thursday, April 08, 2004

And the gossip is....

....there is no gossip!

Was expecting a 'visitor' today, but circumstances dictated it was not to be. We shall see what happens.

Other news - I applied for an internal job - well, I tried to apply. You have to apply online. Upload your CV, a covering letter, and your last 3 performance reviews, complete various tick boxes, and away it goes. In theory. Instead I kept getting to step 6 of 7, and it refused to take me any further. In the end I emailed my stuff off to the recruiting manager, and will just have to hope that is enough. I did report the web site to HR, so they have evidence that I at least tried to apply.

The Arsehole is still being an arsehole. A has been having trouble making her numbers match, and he has (supposed to have) been helping her out. When he was at lunch yesterday, she asked me. She took me through what she was doing, and how she had done it, and I made some suggestions. Then he came back from lunch and saw us together, and immediately wants to know what we are discussing. I stepped back, and let her go through it with him. It was quite astonishing. It took less than 60 seconds before she was, well, not exactly shouting at him, but obviously frustrated with him. He was doing his usual, "Don't get upset, mate, we can do it" and I wanted to slap him, let alone her.

He thinks it's the project she is annoyed with - I know it's him. She never speaks to me like that, and she is just as frustrated with her work when she takes me through it, as when she takes him through it.

Another, funny point. A get's the Daily Mail (I know, I know) and we usually spend 15 minutes in the afternoon doing the crossword. The other day there was a clue - I can't remember the clue - but the answer was "Spot on". I laughed when I saw the clue, and said "The Arsehole should get that one, it's his catch phrase". A killed herself laughing. However, when the Arsehole came back, and I mentioned it to him he got particularly arsey (well, he IS an arsehole I suppose) and refused to admit he ever uses the phrase. Talk about denial - he is SUCH an Essex boy - everything is "Spot on", or "Top", and everyone is his "Mate" (no I ain't, MATE!).

This will teach me to wait so long between blogs - something else funny. We have a cleaner at work who is probably less than 5 foot. She often wanders around the office with a large feather duster, waving it across the top of our 5 foot file cabinets. Well, yesterday, she obviously had lost the feather duster, and had to use a normal one. So she was carrying one of those kick-steps with her, so she could dust the top of the cabinets. It was really funny to watch.

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