Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The big smoke

I have had a day in London. Well, I say day, I had a meeting, started at 10. Finished at 1. Went for lunch. Back at 2.30. Meeting until 3.30.

Shame I can't have 'work' days like that in Northampton.

And it was a bit of a waste anyway. What is the point in me going to a 'team meeting' - giving a presentation on my part of the team's projects, and plans for the future - when I know by the end of the week it is going to be announced I am moving to another team.

About which I am ecstatic! The more I think about it, the happier I get. Last week I was all for leaving, even sent my CV to an agency. A and J keep telling me off for looking smug!

And of course, in London, a girl has to go shopping. And of course, it's perfectly normal to spend over 30 quid, on make-up, which I don't need, because given away FOR FREE was a make-up bag (which I don't need), with make-up (which I don't need) and face creams (which I don't need) and perfume (which I don't need). What a bargain!!!!!!

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