Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Bloody Bullies, that's what they are

Can you believe this? No way can they force this through, just because we don't want it. It was proved in the 90's when the Co-op started the ball rolling with marking foods which contained GM foods that consumers just don't want it. I was surprised when I was in America that nothing was marked as containing GM food - even more surprised when talking with Sexy Eric to find he believed America did not agree to GM food, and would never allow it to be grown on it's soil. He did not believe me when I told him the vast majority of his soya is genetically modified, and a good chunk of his corn. Luckily, 5 minutes later the good ole BBC had a news item, detailing the extent of GM growing in America...

However - who the bloody hell do they think they are? After Blair rolled over and played dead in the war 'discussions' it seems they now think they can just stamp their feet and force the rest of the world to do what they want. Well, fuck off America. We don't want your GM food - which is just designed to line your pockets. Ruin your own continent, but don't force us to.

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