Sunday, April 04, 2004


Very boring weekend. Been sleeping mostly, after the dreadful nights sleep I had Thursday night.

How's this for a dream about my work issues?

I dreamt I was in this big house - not sure why I was there, possibly to use the loo, but I knew I wasn't supposed to. There were also a couple of kids aged 8-9ish. Then this 'bad man' came in, and barricaded us in. He wouldn't let us out of the house, refused to let me go and get shopping and stuff like that. I had to protect the kids from him, and he was shouting at me a lot, trying to make me do what he told me. Eventually I managed to escape with the kids, when the police came along the street.

I had a meeting with the big boss lady on Friday. Told her I did not appreciate being told to 'tow the corporate line', and any corporation that believed in that would not be my employer for very long. I think she was shocked - obviously, she was not there when it was said, and she did try and be very diplomatic, but I sincerely hope he is in for a bollocking. I told her he expressly told me to stop asking questions and to just get my head down and do as I was told. This is in contradiction to what she told me in my end of year review when she said that I was the only one of the team who asked questions, and I should keep it up and she wished others asked more questions too.

Yesterday I did sod all apart from visit Sainsbury's. I have switched allegiance briefly (I am a Tesco's kind of gal) because Sainsbury's have an offer for my 'Corporation' where you spend £50 and save £5. As I needed washing powder, dishwashing powder, cleaning stuff, I figured I was going to spend £50, so off I went. £53 was the total bill. Back to Tesco's now though.

I need to go do all the boring stuff, but I just so can't be bothered. I have stripped the bed to wash the bedclothes, but can't be arsed to put new ones on. I know I will regret this come bed time.

I also have to clean the kitchen floor, as something leaked from the bin and it smells.

And I have to make some birthday cards - my nephew is 17 next week, and my dad is 67 the week after. I need to get them made and posted.

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