Monday, April 19, 2004


I think I am a little late to this, but last night I saw 'The Royle Family' for the first time. God, it made me laugh. When I wasn't just cringing in the corner. Oh god, how like my family is that? Maybe they are somewhat more 'rough' than my family, but all my parents do is watch the telly. Talk about what they are going to have for their tea. Take the pee out of the one who wants to do something with their life (in my family that's me - when they were picking on the young lad it was just awful - I have been there so much in my life). What was the coupe de grace was the christening, when they start singing. Oh. My. God. That's my mother's house on New Years Eve. All that was missing was the "Itchy coo, itchy coo, itchy coo coo coo'.

And another one featuring Caroline Ahern. I have Mrs Merton on. This is my mother-in-law. X used to have problems watching it, because it is so like his mother. The false smile. The false smile worn while she is saying the most insulting, bitchy comments.

Scary, scary telly.

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