Thursday, April 15, 2004


I walked to work again yesterday. I sort of enjoyed it, apart from the fact my left shoe doesn't seem to fit quite right, and yet again I got an enormous blister on the sole of my foot. Didn't stop me walking home though, Mind you, the blister was about 2 inches by 1 inch when I did get home.

All this walking is supposed to be getting me healthy. Why then am I now so full of cold that I feel I am about to burst? My head hurts, my bones ache, my nose will not stop running, and I am turning into a sneezing machine. It is quite sweet though, as my pussy is my own little personal hot water bottle. I think she is excited that I am home with her - I can't turn around without her under my feet, and the second I sit down she is on my lap. Bless.

My family are back in the country after 2 weeks in California. I have had a text message from them, they are in the taxi going home, so I expect lots of phone calls tonight. I hope my sister bought me lots of crafty things in the craft shops there - it is quite exciting really.

The sad thing is I reckon my dad won't wait very long - I anticipate Saturday - before he comes to collect the cat. It will be better for her - she will have more attention than she gets here, and be able to go outside (not possible in a 2nd floor flat) but I am so going to miss her. It's really nice to come home and be greeted with such a lot of love and affection.

Oh well, I am back off to bed, to try and get some sleep. Where's my hot lemon?

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