Monday, April 26, 2004

Invasion of my civil liberties

I was all set to write a long post on the new ID card, but Lump pretty much says it all. I for one will not be signing up.

Did bugger all over the weekend really. Weather was beautiful, did a lot of cleaning of the flat, whole stack of washing done, and dried out on the balcony (can't beat washing dried outside), nice drive in the country, finally got around to planting my chilli seeds (although I didn't go mad this year, only 16 chilli plants, and 8 pepper plants), potted on all my herbs (anyone want some chives/thyme/basil/parsley?), forgotten how much I like the taste of Coors lIght when the weather turns warm.

Next weekend I have to go back up the parents - and I forgot it was a long weekend, they are going to expect me to stay there extra day, but I will think of something - to share my sister's Christmas present - whoo hoo, David Cassidy, here we come!

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