Friday, April 16, 2004

My mom is insane

My family got back from the USA yesterday, and I spoke to pretty much all of them last night, hearing how they had a good time, what fun they had shopping in Walmart, etc, etc.

My mom asked about the cat, and I said she was fine (haven't mentioned the early morning vomiting - which she did again this morning at 4.11 - yawn). Then she asked me if I was going to take her up there this weekend. What? Are you insane? How am I going to manage, on my own, to pack up my stuff, pack up her food, bowls, toys and litter tray without her becoming a teensy weensy bit suspicious? And she might just go into hiding? behind the settee? Where it will take me hours to catch her - assuming I can actually catch her on my own? When I suggested I was expecting them to come and fetch her, as I was not going to manage to pack her up on my own, she got very shirty with me.


So maybe they will come tomorrow, maybe they won't. I hope they do, as I have nothing else planned for the weekend, and hopefully by then I will be feeling a bit better.

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