Tuesday, April 20, 2004

New Job!

Well, the re-organisation is in progress at work. And I have been 're-orged' (as they say in NYC) into another group.

Cynical? Me?

Hmmm. Let's take this a point at a time.

1.   I have a public argument with my boss.
2.   I bring his ridiculous behaviour to the attention of his boss.
3.   I apply for a job within the company.
4.   My boss's boss, in the re-org, has to lose one member of staff.
5.   She fails to mention this to the new bosses I will be working for.

She has to lose one person, and she thinks she will lose me anyway, so has offered me up. If she offered anyone else, and then I get this other job, she will have lost 2 people - and there is a recruitment freeze, so she won't get anyone else.

Actually, I am pretty happy about this - the people I am going to be working with are a lot less political than I currently work with - although A has put it as "They are getting rid of the trouble maker". I just think she is jealous!

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