Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Now wanted - man with strong wrists...

I can't believe there are none out there - something tells me there will be lots of them.

I carried the thing up the stairs tonight - only had to rest for a couple of minutes at the top of the first flight. Now I am trying to build it. It's not so easy as the bathroom one. My hand hurts, from trying to tighten screws that just don't want to tighten.

Last time my hand felt like this was ....... when I built my desk (drag your mind out of the gutter, pulleeeeease!). It took me days to build, simply because I had to keep stopping cos my hand hurt so much. I have (sort of) built the frame, but the screws are all sticking out at various lengths - some are actually all the way in (see, I am SOMETIMES good at screwing), others are more than half out (ooh, what a tease).

And been having quality time with my pussy (just to make sure there are enough double entendres in this post).

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