Thursday, April 22, 2004

Smug Bitch

Seems to be my new name at work. Everyone is wondering what is going to happen come the new restructure, worrying over who is going to be under my arsehole old boss (and told to 'tow the corporate line') and do more interesting work, or do boring, low profile work for a nice guy.

And I just sit back.

And try not to smile with too big a grin.

I have so landed on my feet - this time last week I was so pissed off - I even sent my CV to an agency, and we all no how difficult they are to lose once they get your number!

And poor A, she was so pissed off, she suggested a drink after work. Her hubby was out with his mates, so she had no rush to drive home. I have several bottles of wine. (Evil grin). She came back here. We have had curry. And started on sparkling red wine. Moved on to flat red wine.*

And we had a jolly good bitch. I have stood back, not bitched about the Arsehole - I thought it was unfair for two people to begin bitching about the 3rd person in the team, would lead to bad feeling in the team etc etc - well, I am no longer part of that team (or I won't be) so I have no qualms now. It was fab. A admitted when the big boss asked her what she thought about the Arsehole possibly becoming her boss, she apparently replied, "I will only ever work for someone I respect, and that is not him". Good for her!!

I also spoke to my new boss today - she was actually at the meeting yesterday, but we were both skirting around the issue, not sure who knows what (it is all still hush hush - god I hate office politics) but I love this woman - she is the sort who says how it is - if she says you did good, you know you did good. If she says you are crap, you know you are crap. But you also know she will do her best to make you not crap. If that makes not drunken sense (makes perfect sense to me).

* I probably should point out that A was driving, and only had one glass of wine. Hic.

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