Sunday, April 11, 2004

Supermarket Snob

I knew I was getting pretty snobby about food - I never buy ready meals, and I now don't even buy sauces like Dolmio because I can taste the cheap, nasty fillers they put in it to make the sauce go further. And to be honest, it's cheaper to buy a carton of passata and some herbs and an onion - tastes tons better.

However, yesterday I went to the supermarket. I might not buy ready made food, but I am addicted to diet pepsi. Super addicted.

I got to the checkout, behind this man with two young boys. I always try and make up lives for these people - why was this man alone, did he care for the boys alone, with no wife/girlfriend to help? Or was she at work and this was an unusual experience for him?

I looked at his shopping, and came over all smug and self righteous. How could he possibly look after these boys properly? He had two big boxes of super sugary cereal, two packs of those multi packs of cereal boxes that are single portions, he had two tinned Fray Bentos pies (oh my god, I didn't even know you could still buy those?) he had sweets, he had cakes, he had frozen dinners. The only fresh stuff he had on there was 2 bananas and a bag of potatoes.

Then I looked at what I had put on the conveyor belt.

24 pack of diet pepsi.
Loaf of bread.
10 bottles of Coors Light.
Box of those little fragranced bags for sanitary items.
2 packets of those chocolate and caramel digestives (they were 2 for 1 in my defence)
6 packets of crisps.

God knows what he thought when he saw my shopping - sad, lonely old woman buying comfort food?

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