Friday, April 23, 2004

What a beautiful day!

Shame I woke up with a hangover really. It would have been such a nice day to walk to work - and an even nicer walk home. However, I drove in, and when I got there went for a full english, with aspirin (well, it is St George's Day).

I once again saved the day for The Arsehole - even when I am doing it, I wonder why, when I know given the chance he would stab me in the back. But he was in a panic, trying to work out the percentage of accounts which go through a certain process. He just could not understand that when an account failed one month, it re-tried the following month, and then retried again, and so looking at just one month would not give him a correct figure. In the end, I wrote the program while he was a lunch, and gave him the figures when he got back. They are still not right, but it is a damn sight closer than what he would have got - and I had work to do, and he couldn't be bothered to do anything further. I really hate people like that - will use a figure that looks about right, with no validation, and then bullshit their way through and hope no-one challenges it.

I did tell him that I wanted to spend a couple of hours with him next week going over what I had written, what it meant, and how he can do it for himself next time as I won't be around in his team for much longer. Not sure how he reacted to that, but I am also going to let my boss know I am spending half a day sorting his code out for him because he can't do it himself.

On a super positive note - Tescos have 20% off all Australian wine - I bought 2 bottles of sparkling Shiraz, and one is already cooling in the fridge. This is the wine I was drinking last night........ gets me pissed, makes me happy, tastes like Ribena!

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