Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Back to work

Still no official news on the new structure, so I can't run away from my current job, and still have to make a pretense of helping the Arsehole with his work.

I am happy though. Last week, the arsehole called a meeting on Wednesday with me, A and his boss S, to discuss what he needed to think about to identify his accounts (bear in mind this was Wednesday, due date was Friday, he has been working on this project since December - left it a little late, huh?). Me, being ever so helpful, happened to mention the data which I spent weeks getting access to before he started work, discovered that there MAY be a problem with the software/hardware, which needed looking into, and had shown him all the programs and told him who he needed to deal with when he started. I know for a fact he has not looked at this data because he doesn't know how to, and is too up himself to ask for help. I have mentioned it to him several times, and pointed out that if this issue is not resolved, he is going to end up looking really stupid, and nothing he is suggesting will work. He has neglected to mention this to anyone. But, helpful little me brought this to the attention of his boss. How nice of me. The Arsehole is now scurrying around, trying to look at the data, asking me questions which of course I am far too busy to answer, why doesn't he just look at the programs that I have written, that is pretty much all I know anyway. I think his boss is making him double check everything. What a shame, eh?

And I am hopefully going to New York later this month. I am desperate for some time off - I have only had 2 and a half days off so far this year - and given that I had 30 to start with, and carried over 3 and a half days, and it is already May, I need some time off! Need to hear back from N, see if I can stay with her, and go to party party party in the city that ever sleeps!

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