Sunday, May 30, 2004

The Big Smoke

How exciting! I have been to That London for the afternoon. Well, when I say That London, I didn't make it to the centre. But I did drive, so that makes it doubly exciting.

I went with A and B (sounds like a bad joke) to Oriental City, near Edgeware. And boy was it busy - it was incredible - they wouldn't even let us in the car park.

Lunch was just a little overwhelming - such nice food, but so many bloody people around getting in the way. When I decided what I wanted, I ended up waiting behind this bloody stupid woman for ages while she faffed. There are few people I hate worse than faffers!

Didn't go too mad in the supermarket, but I did get some spices and some herbs which, funnily enough, you just can't find in Northampton.

Oh yeah - and the other type of person I hate apart from faffers is stupid people. B is very nice, but can be so bloody irritating. She is "hopeless with directions - giggle, giggle - always goes the long way which is an extra 4 miles because she is not sure of the other way - giggle, giggle". I had written directions of how to get to A's house. She did manage to get me there. When we set off to get back, she asks me for the directions. She has 'lost' them. How can she bloody lose them in my car? Grrrrr. So of course, we got lost, but I managed to get us back to the main road eventually - by ignoring what she said.

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