Sunday, May 02, 2004


Wow. He may be old (54, as I was reliably informed by the lunatic in front of me, who celebrates his birthday every single year, and it was a trick question right?), but boy can David Cassidy sing. And a nice bod too. Couldn't tell the face (and see if there was any Botox, or nip and tuck going on) because we were too far back.

And I think my sister and I must have borrowed Harry Potter's invisibility cloak - for the second half, we raced to the centre of the floor (with half the other women in our section) where we could see much better. The stewards went barmy, moving everyone back, checking tickets to make sure everyone was in their right seat. Except the didn't move me or my sister. They moved every one but me and her - and this woman with her young daughter. Me and sis had got split up, and when there was a crush of people we ended up either side of this woman and her young girl (who was about 9). When the stewards moved everybody, both me and sis stood where we were, waiting to be asked (we were hardly going to volunteer now were we?). Maybe this woman had permission to stand there, so her girl could see? And maybe they thought we were with them? I don't know, but neither of us moved an inch, and avoided all eye contact with the stewards in the hope they would continue to pass over us in there quest to move people.

They even brought out an extra barrier and dropped it on my sisters foot because she was in the way and STILL never asked her to move. It was very, very weird. But I am not complaining.

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