Sunday, May 16, 2004


How, do you explain this ... this .... EXTRAVAGANZA to Americans? How, despite being called the "Eurovision Song Contest", it is not a contest of songs at all. It is where all the countries of Europe (and a few more) get together in the country of the previous year's winner, all sing a song which is representative of their own country, then everyone votes for their neighbours to show how 'friendly' they really are. It is purely a lesson in European politics.

I didn't see it all last night (honest, m'lud!) but I did catch the end of the voting. I love how the UK gave Ireland it's only points. How Sweden gave Norway it's only points. How all the Eastern Block countries vote for each other.

I particularly liked how Xena, Warrior Princess won.

And it seems we are not the outcasts we were last year - not sure why not, but then that's politics? - we got more than 'nul point'.

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