Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Spent the morning doing my 'Community' event - something we all have to do where I work, tax dodge or some such nonsense. Most people do the 'dig holes, plant trees' or 'paint walls' group event - means someone else has to do the organising, but that's not my thing.

So, this morning, I have been helping make pots with, hmmm, not sure what the politically correct term is, but maybe 'challenged' adults. Some with learning difficulties, some with mental health problems, some recovering from accidents with some forms of brain damage.

To be honest, I am not really sure I was that much help for the woman in charge, but I had a whale of a time. I took pots out of moulds, I cleaned the moulds, I re-filled the moulds, I cleaned up one pot ready for firing - and even had to carve my initials into it, just to show it was mine! - then, after break, and the tour of the facility, I painted and sponged a pot. It was great.

Then, this afternoon has been meetings, and more meetings. Finally the new structure has been announced, effective pretty much immediately, with obvious cross-over of responsibilities. Following this meeting, my 'old' team had a team meeting to discuss changes and projects, and I wasn't invited. They sure know how to make a girl feel wanted. I gate-crashed anyway, if only to find out who I was passing on my work to. Seems the team of 3 that I am part of is becoming a very small part of the Arsehole's job. Shows how much they rate what we have done then.

And tonight, I re-enter the realms of definite 'middle-class-ness'. I have got myself a cleaner. Well, not quite yet, just signed the paperwork, and should hear from the cleaner to be in the next couple of days to arrange a start date. God, I can't wait. We used to have a cleaner in Brighton, when both me and X were working in London, and it was the best thing we ever did. I hate ironing - which is the main reason I want a cleaner, but cleaning is not high on my list of priorities, I find it such a chore. Part of me feels a little guilty - I feel that I am sort of abdicating my responsibilities, but what the hell! More leisure time. Definitely a cleaner flat. And beautifully ironed clothes instead of getting away with what I can wear that doesn't need too much ironing.

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