Wednesday, May 19, 2004


That's what I've been the last few days - I walked to work both Monday and Tuesday - I am very proud of myself, 2 miles each way, 4 miles in total, 2 days on the trot, that's 8 miles. Wow. That's my 10,000 steps done for a while I reckon.

And it's been hot too. So when I get to work, I look like a lobster. And it takes about an hour to calm down. And when I get home it's the same, although I am not that bothered at looking so red when I am back in the flat.

Funny thing was on Monday, when I had walked (that's 2 miles) home, and then dragged myself up the 2 flights of stairs, I just collapsed on my bed. While lying down I manage to pull off my trainers and socks, and just lay back, panting, very hot and sweaty. Then, I actually got as far as sitting up and swinging my legs off the side of the bed, so I could get up and turn the air conditioning down. Then I remembered. I don't have air conditioning. Oh boy, I am going to miss my central air conditioning of my last apartment in NYC. I am off work on Friday (just because) so I am going on a mission to get at least a fan. Or two. How much do portable air conditioners cost? Probably too much.

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