Monday, May 24, 2004

Mad Sad Ann

One of my friends has just sent me a text. Admittedly it was in response to me pointing out I was in Soap Heaven (Emmerdale, Corrie, Eastenders, Corrie, and another Corrie to come). He said there was a word for people like me. When I asked what word, he said in the Brighton days I was known as Mad Ann. Now I am known as Sad Ann. Humph!!

I don't care. I always have been sad. I sometimes feel I am getting a little sadder - I have only got into Emmerdale since New Year when I stayed with friends who watched it every night I was there. Doesn't take much to get hooked. And to be honest, I am not a huge 'stenders fan, I only watch it on Mondays and other nights only if I remember. It is just too damn depressing.

But Corrie.

Corrie, Corrie, Corrie.

What other programme can make you laugh out loud when addressing serious issues. Anyone remember the song playing the first time Roy and Hayley went to bed together (I'm all woman....)? The look on Ken's face when Toyah was asking him how sad old men dressed? Rita's expressions with Mavis (not so good with Norris)?

Tonight's was an absolute gem. Todd coming out to Sarah. Both of them running off to their mother's in tears. The cat fight in the street. Todd's brother turning up wearing a yellow helmet, and what line does Gail get? "Here comes another one from the Village People".

God, I love Corrie. I so missed it when I was in America

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