Friday, May 07, 2004


I am the proud mother to FOUR chilli plants. Whoo hoo! But I wish I understood plants better. How come, when I planted 24 seeds, all at the same time. All in the same mini propagator. They all are in the same conditions. Why then are four growing, yet there is no sign of any of the others? The biggest one is already at the top of the propagator, and is almost ready to be potted on.

I am not being so successful with my herbs. I have 4 types of herbs, and I have split them among 5 pots. Chives are doing ok in all pots, parsley is going great guns in all 5 pots. Basil is great in 3 pots, spindly in one pot, and dead in the final pot. Thyme only seems to like 2 pots, and has given up the ghost in the rest of them.

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