Friday, May 07, 2004


Been so pleasant in the office today, because the Arsehole wasn't in. Things are so much nicer when he isn't there, and A and I are keeping quiet about all the things we are unhappy about because he goes and snitches.

I have almost finished my project now, but I am so annoyed with the bloody helpdesk. My Word documents keep getting corrupted, but no-one seems to know why. I take a perfectly good 30 page document. I delete several pages to make a short sign off document. The new file is corrupted, refuses to print, and closes Word down completely, then refuses to ever open again. This has been going on for weeks. Every few days I ring the help desk. Every few days some one rings me, to ask me if I have tried switching machine off/on again. Oh, and have I tried it on another machine? Then they finally look at the file, tell me this will all change once I get Windows XP (which no-one can tell me when this will be), clean it up, and then we start all over again. In the meantime, I am waiting to write a paper which I have to present on Monday at 10 am. How annoying.

Also, the marketing guy is seriously getting on my tits. He totally ignores what I say to him, twists all the words I say (when I point out that what he is suggesting will increase our losses by over £2 million, and therefore the increase in profit will actually only be a possible £50 grand, assuming what he thinks will happen is right, he says great, the net value is positive, lets go for it. When I pointed out if I tweak his assumptions just a tiny bit we actually end up losing half a million, he just ignored me). I think they are hoping if they leave it long enough, they will force people to actually accept their proposals through lack of time to check anything.

They have produced a paper over 80 pages long, and it is full of total crap. It is obvious they have thought up the slogans, before understanding the logistics of putting it together. And they have committed to producing this product, and are intent on pushing it through regardless. The classic mistake they have made is where they have 80,000 customers making us £125 profit, and another £20,000 customers making £175 profit. Therefore the average profit per customer is £150. The problem is they haven't sent this paper to me, they sent it to big boss J, who sent it to my boss D, who sent it to me to comment on. D did go back to them, and I think the writer shouted at him, and he chickened out. I said I would be happy to sort her out :-) so he will send her to me.

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