Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Sneaky BT

I have received my BT bill today. Still priced at a ridiculous monthly amount, but considering I had no credit rating when I started, I was lucky they allowed me to pay monthly, and didn't install a pay phone. Give it one more quarter and I will ask for a reduction.

Included in my bill, was a leaflet entitled "Update - Important changes to your account". This goes on to explain in general terms changes to ALL accounts, and I have to dig to find out what the actual changes to my account will be.

And then, the very last paragraph before the terms and conditions. A very sneaky little charge, which many people will not notice, and will get hit with.

"From 1st August 2004, BT will be introducing a 6p fixed fee for the Call Return element of BT 1471. This fee will apply when customers press '3' to return the call to the telephone number of the last caller and will be charged regardless of whether or not the call is connected."

How many people will get hit with this? I know I often use the return facility, rather than hang up and dial it myself. But at 6p a time? Even if you don't get connected? big swizz I reckon.

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