Friday, May 14, 2004

Work Life

Could it get any better? Had a meeting today with my two new bosses, and it was just fantastic. Even though I don't really know much about anything yet, they are treating me with respect and just seem really confident that I can do what they want. It's such a fantastic feeling - especially after what I have come from.

Yesterday, A was so pissed off. After months of hard work, putting together her project, building relationships, finding the right people to do the right job, putting the final touches to her final sign-off paper, and she gets an email from her boss. Telling her to take her name off the project as project manager, and put big bosses name there instead. What a way to make people feel they are valued members of staff. She is looking for another job - and I think it won't be long before she has gone!

Things are also great because the cleaner has started. I come home from work to a spotless kitchen, gleaming bathroom, tidy coffee table and a neat pile of clothes, freshly ironed!

On an even better note - I have booked my flights to New York, and I go 10th June for a week. I can't wait. I was hoping to go in May, but Sexy Eric is away the week I wanted to go, and was upset that he would miss me (calm down girl, calm down!). And I go on a Thursday so me and N get a Friday night as well as a Saturday night out to play.

Oh god, and I am also in nerdy heaven. My favourite stamp website has a mega sale on. But they are such big teases. Each day they reduce prices by 10%. But they have limited stock of everything. I was hoping to hold out until tomorrow to get 60% off everything, but each time I visit the site I see things are sold out that I wanted. Just checked and another 5 things have gone. But now I have to wait because my sister is looking too, and I have to wait for her order. Sigh.

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