Friday, June 25, 2004

The Big Smoke

Well, bit of a damp squid really. Managed to get lunch on the company, and also managed to find somewhere that wasn't full of jellied eels and winkles.

But god what crap came off my face when I cleaned it last night - it's always the same when I've been to London -

         toner + white cotton wool = grey cack

On a health note - when I was in New York I was sometimes having trouble breathing - a tightness in my chest as if I had bronchitis, without all the green gunk. I put it down to the fact that it was bloody hot, and bloody humid. However, I still have it. And a day trip to Blinky-Blimey Laandan did not help.

Doctor thinks I might have asthma. I have this thing I have to blow into really hard 3 times a day to measure my lung capacity.

I am sure there is a dirty metaphor in there somewhere.......

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