Thursday, June 03, 2004


I have been playing detective (or so I thought) with X. A few weeks ago he told me he was going on holiday in September to Portugal with his girlies. Nice, I thought.

Then he let slip he was also going to Spain in June. He went into detail about how he will stay at his parents flat, and it will be nice and so on and so on. I asked if his girlies were going as well, and he launched in to a long explanation about how one of them can't go, she is studying for exams, she is busy, blah blah. "So J is going with you then?" "Erm, yes". Okay, I think, I can handle this (I know, I know, hypocrite alert). J is the girly who was so jealous of me last year. The big, gobby girl. Just X's type. And I know he fancies her, although he denies she fancies him and that nothing will ever happen.

Then, I discover last week that his dad will also be in Spain when they are there for the first part of the week. And his mam will join them later.

They have a 2 bedroomed flat.

Deep breath.

I can handle this, I am pleased for him (which is true in a way). But bugger me, it still hurts.

Then, he sends me an e-card for my birthday, addressed to "Hello sexy".

And today, the postman brings me a card (for some reason, the postman only visits here every other day, and leaves 10 items of post at a time), signed 'all my love'.

What is he playing at?

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