Friday, June 18, 2004

Good to be back, good to be back!

Hmmm. I suppose sleeping in my own bed is going to be good.

Had such a fantastic time, I really don't know where to start. Got back to the flat just under an hour ago, after stopping at the Indian takeaway - well, it is dinner time to my body. And I have gone a week without Indian food.

Flight home was ok, apart from having to sit next to two stinky Jews (not being racist, they were those Jews with the hats and the funny hair, and they were very, very stinky, smelled like they hadn't washed in a month). There was also a Jew sat in front of me, who the moment he sat in his chair put it back in my face, complained when they made him put it up for take off, and put it straight back the minute the wheels left the ground. And his skull cap kept falling off in my book. Grrrrrr.

And stupid me - my seat wouldn't stay up - sometimes it would stay up for about half an hour, and then it would slowly sink back. I mentioned it as we were about half an hour from Heathrow - and bugger me but they moved me to premium economy. Wish I'd complained sooner - got away from the stench!

And my car is bloody filthy! God knows what they do next to the car park, but it's covered in a thick layer of what looks like red dust (difficult to tell in the dark).

And, and, and I got to sleep in the same bed as a very, very sexy man one night I was away.

Shame it was my gay friend.

Going to bed now, got to take hours writing up what happened.

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