Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I'm freeeeeeee

No, not a John Inman impression. Just how I felt when I walked out of the office today at 12. Of course, as I told everyone there I was still going to be working this afternoon (snigger), as I was doing my 'community activity'.

Didn't make pots this time. Instead they were clearing out the loft, so spent all afternoon up to my armpits in dust, sorting out what was in boxes from 4 years in the loft. It was like Christmas - there was a lot of old Avon stuff which had been given to them as Christmas presents (they used to do the packing and labelling and stuff for Avon when they were based here in town), some of which was still wrapped up. We had to unwrap everything, and inspect it for possible use at one of their fund raising events.

We also found the costumes from the pantomime they had put on a few years ago - it was like dress up! What fun!

Now I need to pack, for my trip to New York tomorrow. I am torn between having a little nap now and packing later (as I am so damn tired) or packing now and going to bed early (it's not going to happen is it?).

Who am I kidding? I am going to sit here and surf the net for a couple of hours, then throw everything into the suitcase just before I fall into bed. It's what I usually do.

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