Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I'm a winner!

In all the New York excitement, I forgot.

As is typical in companies, when they are into big cost cutting, what is the best thing to do?

That's right.


Another name for lets waste an extortionate amount of money on designers to come up with a new logo, so we have to repoduce all our stationery. We all, of course, need new mouse mats. And new pens. And of course new tshirts which we all must wear on the day of the rebrand.

Lucky me was on holiday that day. I did get my free tshirt though.

For those wearing their tshirt on the day, there was a free raffle. Top prize was an extra 5 days holiday a year - not a prize to be sniffed at. Other prizes were Jennifer Anniston's clothes (not sure if they would have been washed) and shoes, and boxed 'Friends' sets.

For those not in on the day, a nominee would draw for us.

And, surprisingly, I won. There were something like 20 prizes in all, and we didn't know who had won what until there was a second draw of the final 20.

I got a text from J to tell me I was through to the final while I was away.

And of course, I won.......... the 'Friends' dvd's.


I have only ever watched one episode of Friends. I think my lips may have twitched once, but I still had the cat at that point, so I may have been expressing my happiness at her sitting on my lap.

Still, could have been worse. I could have won the Prada dress. Which the winner is not allowed to sell. I might have got it round my leg. One of them anyway.

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