Friday, June 18, 2004

New York - Friday

N had taken the day off work.

Unfortunately, not to spend time with me, but to watch Ronald Reagan's funeral on the TV.

N has a crush on Reagan. Having to explain to her why Prince Charles took seniority over Margaret Thatcher (isn't she dead yet?) got very irritating. It was awkward, trying to not make sarcastic comments, so I left and went shopping. Three hours later, and $500 lighter, I got back!

N, Sexy Eric and I went into Manhattan for the night - first to eat in a good ole American diner, and then, of course, off to Fitzies! And what a fantastic night was had. All the regulars were there - the Stoke boys, Dartman Dave, Jonas, Mullet Man Bob (that man gives the nicest hugs in the world - he hugs you like he means it!), Roger and Connor behind the bar, and of course, Dr Who, who's first words out of his mouth were not "Hello." but "I need to talk to you about a certain Mr Eccleston".

The night was even more fun because a friend of mine was also in NYC, and came along with her two gay friends.

Well, I say friend. She used to work for a company that had dealings with a company I used to work for. We met at conferences, she came down to Brighton for meetings. She always seemed really nice, but we never really spent much social time together. She now works for the company I used to work for, and so is working with all my old friends. D and K had told me she was going to NYC, so the day before I left we were exchanging emails, and agreed to meet.

Sometimes you just know you are going to get on with someone.

She turned up with this bright blue, bobbed wig on. One of her friends had a cowboy hat one. The other one we shall call the Ginger Twat.

What a laugh - especially once I told L to stop drinking beer and move to the shorts - no measures, the barmen like women, you get very drunk on the amounts served in one glass.

Of course the wig changed heads - and L was very upset that her wig looked better on me than on her. I hope to link up to the photos once they get back.

Quote of the day - "Your friend is really boring" - from one of L's friends, about Dr Who.

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