Saturday, June 19, 2004

New York - Monday

I went off to stay with my gay friend D for a couple of days - N was busy at work, while D is the most recent victim of the shit-list and is now off work - but lucky him has a years severance pay!

We hung around in his neighbourhood, he went for a facial while I managed to spend over $100 on card, paper and envelopes. All for my nerdy hobbies - things are just so cheap over there, I couldn't resist. And luckily I had D to carry them home for me! We also did a lot of browsing shopping, and he bought a new shoe rack.

That night we went for dinner at the bar where his friend M works, and then met up with L, Cowboy and Ginger Twat. Ginger Twat was being particularly twatty - he had got drunk with us on the Friday, and was ill during the night, so was refusing to have another drink for the whole holiday. I have no problem with someone not drinking, but did he have to be such a fucking martyr about it? And he was miserable as sin - making no effort in the conversation, showing no enthusiasm for any suggestions as to where we went.

Luckily L and Cowboy were up for anything.

And boy, did we have fun!

We went to SBNY - a gay night club. It wasn't very busy, but boy were the dancers HOT! Oiled, shaved, muscly men in white underpants and boots. Thighs that could crack walnuts. Plenty of room in those underpants for the dollar bills we all tucked down there.

I say all - of course, the Ginger Twat wasn't playing.

We left there and went to another bar, which was pretty busy, and had a few drinks there.

I spent the night with a very sexy bachelor. Unfortunately, I have the wrong bits for him. Oh well.

Quote of the day - "Fuck me!" - after L and I each put our hands on the solid thighs of the dancer.

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