Saturday, June 19, 2004

New York - Sunday

Sexy Eric held a barbecue in his apartment building gardens in my honour. He invited loads of people I used to work with, along with the new secretary.

Meat-fest or what? It was so nice - even though this was the only day that it was cool and we were all dressed for the high 80's weather we had been having.

Some people even came from Queens - no quick hop over to Jersey City for them - and it made me feel very grateful to have these people as my friends. It was very humbling, and also sad, as well as making me feel good about myself to know people would put themselves out for me like this. They all said they missed me, and wished I hadn't left. I told them I wished I hadn't left either, and was still applying for jobs in an attempt to get back.

Lots of gossip about people at work - and who is next on the shit-list from my old department.

The trips to Sexy Eric's apartment was weird - there was my couch, my lights, and we were listening to my stereo. The fool still has a poxy 5 inch tv screen though, after refusing to take mine off me because he was planning to buy a wide screen plasma tv. He started looking February last year.

Quote of the day - "I don't like J at all - he is so goddamn sneaky!" - the new secretary about the guy we all love to hate. Great she got him sussed so quickly.

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