Saturday, June 19, 2004

New York - Tuesday

Woke up with a very bad hangover. Discovered that between us me and D had spent $150 the previous night minus the $6 change we had left. No idea how much went down the underpants of the dancer!

Went Downtown to meet up with other people (and some the same) that I used to work with. Food wasn't especially good, but again the people were great.

As it was so hot and humid, I was rapidly running out of clothes, so went shopping - again - this time at Century 21. Had a hell of a job trying to explain to D that a halter necked top would NOT suit me - if only because I couldn't manage without a bra, let alone the shape of my shoulders. Same with the asymmetrical tops. Same with the green floaty J-Lo tops he kept trying to make me buy.

Went out again with L, Cowboy and Ginger Twat, as L and Cowboy had had such a good time the night before. Ginger Twat had an even longer face. L wore the blue wig.

We went to a bar where there was going to be a drag show. The drinks served there were very, very strong - even by my standards - and we all got very drunk very quickly (goes without saying Ginger Twat not included as he was still on the diet cokes). Ginger Twat was getting very whiny because he wanted the who to start, and it wasn't due to start until midnight and he wanted to go back to the hotel because he was bored. I think he was expecting L and Cowboy to go with him, or to talk him out of it, but they didn't. So he just sat there and sulked.

However, Ginger Twat really perked up when the show started - it had as the first guest the guy from this American TV dating show which I think was called 'Boy meets Boy'. It was one where the one guy gets to choose from 20 men - with the twist being that not all of them are gay. I think the twist was if he chose a straight guy, the straight guy would get a million dollars, or some such thing. Bloody awful if you ask me.

Anyway - Ginger Twat has a crush on this guy - and had spent $50 on the DVD boxed set of the show only the day before. Bit daft really, cos I managed to win one! I actually won it because D said he wanted it, but when I got it he said he wasn't bothered, it was all about the winning, not the prize! So we gave it to Ginger Twat, and told him to take the other one back and get his money back. He was so happy - his face actually cracked into a smile.

The second act was, well, interesting. He was a drag queen, who has obviously hit hard times. He was very bitchy and bitter made disparaging remarks about the host/ess, the bar, the decor, the crowd, the size of the tv sets. His act was basically to sing a song while we were supposed to watch pictures of him dressed as Marilyn Monroe 10 years ago, when he was obviously much slimmer.

While he was singing, L leant over to me to say something about Marilyn, and the drag queen went mad. Started screaming abuse at her from the stage. We were both too shocked to respond - it was so unexpected, and it wasn't as if we were ignoring him and what was going on. Needless to say when he finished, the applause was less than rapturous, and none existent from our side of the room.

When the show finished, me and L, spoiling for a fight, went looking for him, but he hadn't hung around. The bar was obviously well beneath him.

We hung around in the bar for I don't know how long - we were all (apart from Ginger Twat) very drunk again. Ginger Twat was in heaven, getting his new DVD signed (this guy was nice and had hung around to talk to all his fans). The wig got passed around (D looked great in it - even better with the cowboy hat on top), and ended up in various places other than peoples heads. I have yet to see the pictures, but I remember it being stuffed down my top at one point, with the blue hairs poking out of the top. It went down some trousers too - and if I am honest I can't remember if it went down mine or not.

D's boyfriend has no air-conditioning at his apartment, so he stayed with D that night. I slept on the sofa of D's friend A - he is a really nice guy when sober - a little obnoxious when drunk - but a sweety for letting me stay.

Quote of the day - "Hey you fucking bitch in the blue wig! You should be watching me on the tv screen, c*nt!"

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