Saturday, June 19, 2004

New York - Wednesday

Had to get up early as I was in A's apartment, and he had not been drinking like we had the night before! My head was pounding, and bless him for giving me lots of water and two Aleve. I had to wait for D's boyfriend to go - I actually went down to D's apartment with all my stuff, but found them both still fast asleep in bed, so had to go back up to A's.

Finally get into D's, shower and dress. D is still asleep in the bed - the only movement a twitch of his foot now and then in response to comments from me. I went downstairs to eat a slice of pepperoni pizza - can't beat all that fat and carbohydrate for a hangover.

We discovered that yet again, we had little change left over from $150. Whoops!

Went back to N's, where I spent most of the afternoon crashed out on the sofa.

The original plan had been to go to Central Park to see something staged live as part of the Shakespeare in the Park, but I was not coping well with the heat and humidity, so I cried off. I rang Sexy Eric, and we agreed to go out somewhere local for dinner and drinks (him - I was definitely on the diet coke).

All is not happy in the Sexy Eric/N camp - I need to ring him - probably tomorrow now - to get all the details, but N also decided not to go the park, and was suggesting I go into the city to meet her and S. Sexy Eric was not happy, felt that she was expecting us all to fall in with her wishes. This may be because she hadn't invited him to the park, and had even denied she was doing anything when he asked her. He didn't want to go, but I think he was not happy she hadn't even invited him when she expects to be invited out with him. Who knows? I will soon, I hope.

Anyway, we ended up in the great wings bar in Jersey City - S came over to see me - yet another one of my friends willing to put themselves out. We had great food, and lots of chat. There are free dance lessons available at the moment, where there is a half hour lesson, then a band comes in and you dance your pants off all night. N asked Sexy Eric if he wanted to go, as she was going. She said R was going (to dance with her) and S was also going ( not sure if they were meant to be partners). I am jealous - sounds like a lot of fun!

Lots of hugs for S when she left, then even more hugs for Sexy Eric when we got back to N's apartment and he headed home.

Quote of the day - "I wouldn't mind swinging with R" - N, who after we all just paused and looked at her, qualified the statement pointing out she was talking about the dance class.

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