Friday, June 18, 2004

New York - Thursday

Off to New York - and very exciting. I drove down to Heathrow, and spent half an hour finding my car park. It would have been helpful if on their directions they had said M4 heading out from London from the M25......

Met Mr Pob for a coffee and a chat. Mr Pob has a new camera. Mr Pob got somewhat trigger happy. I am not usually shy of photos, but even I got self conscious when I am sitting there pulling faces as he takes picture after picture. What a sweety!

Flight was uneventful. Glad my visa is no longer valid - all people with visas now have to have their fngerprints taken before they can enter the USA.

Got to N's, and we went to the bar over the road for dinner. It was really sweet - the waiter/barman recognised us, and commented he hadn't seen us for a while.

Then we went for a drink - although I was tired, I wanted to stay up as long as possible to help me acclimatise. Our first choice of bar was heaving - we wandered around, realised it was going to take us about an hour to get a drink, so left and went to another bar, which before then I had only been to once before. We were only planning on staying for one drink, but when I got back from the loo there were 3 blokes sat next to us. My bag was in front of one of the guys, so I apologised and moved it. Well, just moved on from there. They were very drunk - one Indian guy who at 6 months old moved to Hong Kong, then to west coast of America, now New York. Some guy from some other state, who successfully guessed I was from Staffordshire in England - I have no idea how he knew - in fact, no idea how he had even heard of staffordshire. The other guy was Aussie, and completely out of it - he was still talking, but was 10 minutes behind the conversation.

I knew I missed New York, but this single event really highlighted how much. It was such a typical night out with N - go for a drink, meet drunken boys who buy us drinks and make us laugh.

Quote of the day - "What's the sheep shagger's name?"

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