Monday, June 21, 2004


I have the pictures.




There are several of boobs. Mine and L's. Taken from above mind - not naked, just the camera pointed down the top. Like that makes it normal.

Those are the clean ones.

Everybody seemed obsessed with each others boobs. In my defence I say we were in a gay bar, so it was perfectly acceptable for me and L to be touching each other's boobs. And comparing boobs. And showing cleavage together for the camera. And for gay boys to be touching our boobs. And comparing boobs. And showing cleavage for the camera.

If I say that often enough, will I convince myself?

But using the gay bar excuse does not, then, work when I am grabbing Cowboy's crotch.

They are all condensed into 3 pdf files at the moment - this is a good thing, as some of them are not too clear, and I think I need time to adjust to the shock of some of them.

I very rarely have blank spaces, even in my most drunken moments.

This night was one of those rare occasions, where it looks like there were hours that passed between when I remember, and when I woke up the next morning......

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