Monday, June 07, 2004

Positive note

I had a meeting today with the big big big boss - the contractor who is currently in charge and canning peoples projects left right and centre (The Arsehole had his super duper project stopped because it wasn't going to make enough money). I had to present my project (from my 'old' position) and try and get it signed off.

I had previously sent him all the paperwork, and as we went to the meeting room he had the grace to apologise for not reading them in advance.

His counterpart from 'over the bridge' was also at the meeting - I had never met him before, so that was a bit daunting.

D, the stupid boss was also there.

And, surprise surprise, it went really well. Up until they challenged why I had included one thing in my profit and loss calculation.

The one thing D had made me include after many hours of arguing, and me stamping my feet and throwing a hissy fit and D pulling the "I am the boss and you do as I tell you" ace.

And I had no help from D in having to defend why this was included. I had to sit and argue why this should be included - and resorted to honesty in the end - to include it will be another 5 weeks work. However, I have something very similar for one of the products, that was the work I had completed 3 months ago before me and D had had several discussions about whether to include this item or not.

And big big big boss accepted that - can't say he was happy exactly, but said if we could give him an approximation by Wednesday, he will sign it off then and we can put it in.

And D, after looking very sheepish and asking if that profit and loss thing was down to him and apologising when I said yes, said that was the best meeting he had ever had with the big big big boss, and it was incredible to getting him to agree to sign something off so quickly.

Yay me!!!!

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