Sunday, July 18, 2004

The Atkins Diet

Barbecues should be renamed.

I feel sick from so much meat.

Nothing to do with the red wine I've been drinking of course.

Went to my friend B's for a barbecue. She is very funny - she has funny ideas about things, and is so adamant about some things which are blatantly wrong, so you often just have to let her do her own thing.

For example, she came to see me and A at work the other day with two punch recipes. Both had champagne (she was adamant she was having no cheap, thrown together, whatever you can find in the alcohol cupboard punch at her do!), but the one I asked where she was going to get the frozen lemonade from. She looked at me like I was stupid, and said "I am going to freeze my own of course".

I had to refrain from laughing out loud. Now, this might need some explaining. To an American, a can of frozen lemonade is easy peasy - it's frozen lemon flavoured concentrate, that comes in a can, from the freezer section of the store. To us Brits, lemonade is Sprite without the lime, looks like water, is fizzy, and comes in a can like coke.

Definitely not the same thing at all.

And to use a can of R Whites in the punch - even if she opened it and the froze it in cubes in her freezer - would not make the same punch as the recipe.

So she made the other one.

I got out of it by saying I was on the red wine, not the white.

The recipe she followed was champagne, brandy, and bitters.

What she actually used was champagne, brandy, and two cans of bitter.

People we so polite. But I kept finding glasses of it around the place, where people had tried it, and then tried to hide it. Bless.

And then the food. Oh god, there was loads of it. And I have eaten so much meat. Haven't eaten so much in, well, AGES!

There was this one bloke, M, who had actually interviewed me last year. At the interview he had come across as a nice bloke, but at the time had told me if I wanted his job, I would have to come back and meet his boss, and also do a SAS test. I had politely told him I didn't have time to come back. Well tonight he told me I had chosen right - he had spent months recruiting, and had then hot-tailed out of there himself because it was a shitty job.

Then conversation moved to work, and I tried to mention that there was one project where I wasn't particularly happy with the way things were going, and was glad I wasn't working on it any more. When he asked me specifically, I told him. He then just blatantly contradicted me, telling me what a good idea it was. After blustering some, I finally realised - you are just saying that to wind me up, aren't you? Yes, he confessed. Bastard. Almost fell for that.

Later, there was something else, and I said something, and he just straight away jumped in with the opposite view. I just looked at him. "Are you determined to contradict me all night?" "Damn, you spotted me."

I took a bottle of red wine. Drank most of that (shared it with a friend), then we all drank the red wine that was hanging around (as one does at a party) and then the red wine ran dry. So me and this girl, L (who is the sister of An, who is the husband of A - still with me?) went to the offie for some wine. Earlier in the evening we had had the discussion of how to tell if a wine will taste nice (the higher the alcohol content, the nicer the taste), so when we got to the Co-op (after completely failing to spot Thresher) we were very excited to discover some nice Chilean red, 3 bottles for a tenner, 14% abv. Now that is what I call a bargain.

I took a lot of stick when I got back. M's comment was "Please don't tell me you really checked the alcohol content of the wine before you bought it. You are joking, right?" Apparently I am some sort of alcoholic for doing this - like I was buying meths or something.

Still, the wine was bloody luvverly, L and I drank a bottle (A had one glass) then when we opened the second, M was right in there drinking it too - despite his jokes that his car needed more petrol, even he had to admit it was nice wine.

So there!

I still have a bad sore throat though, and have just had a nice mug of Horlicks. Not sure it will help me sleep - I am at the 'nose is a tap' stage of the cold, so am going to find nodding off difficult unless I can get used to the feel of running water down my face.

Lovely thought.

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