Sunday, July 11, 2004

Machines in pub toilets

My my, these have come a long way. I remember the first pub I went into on my home town which sold condoms in the ladies - and what a breakthrough that was.

Then it became standard, then it became who could sell the most outrageous condoms in the machines in the pub toilets - including curry flavoured, and those wonderful 'glow-in-the-dark' ones. You know, the ones which are actually no good for protective sex, and who cares anyway, because once the bloke puts it on you just collapse into a state of giggles, and sex goes off the agenda? Maybe that's just me....

Anyway, they have definitely come a long way.

Pub I was in yesterday had two machines - one was the normal 50:50 split of tampon and standard condom.

The second machine was rather fetching coloured in flame coloured paint. And the speciality of the house was

      (a) a 'blow-dom' - what the hell is a blow-dom? Going to google that in a minute
      (b) a 'jumping pecker' - one of those wind-up toys in the shape of a willy which would jump across the table.
      (c) and the crowning glory - a vibrator!

Yes, for �6, you can get yourself a battery operated boyfriend. Obviously this is for the women who have consumed several 'ultimate climax' cocktails, yet have actually not managed to pull.

I wonder if the batteries were included?

And no, I didn't buy one (smug grin.......)

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