Tuesday, July 13, 2004

More work

Writers diarrhea, me.

There is a manager in the department who I have had very little to do with workwise. She is always very pleasant - always makes a point to go out of her way to check you are okay when you get back from being sick, that sort of thing.

Anyway, last week there was a bit of a crisis. It was identified from a project I had been working on, but in reality was not my job to sort out. However, no-one else was doing anything, so I just pulled some quick figures together and sent an email out to people who needed to know (and do something about it) detailing what the issue was, how we found it, and the extent to which it might be a major problem.

Stupid me - made a rod for my own back. For the last few days I have had all sorts of people coming up to me and asking me how this issue is going, and with suggestions of more information that I could provide them with to show the issue in greater depth. I did dig deeper - luckily the data is easy enough to get to, and it didn't take too long to play around with it.

Anyway, this manager K has been away from the office, and was in today. It really is her problem, and her job to ensure it has been solved. She came to me and asked me for help. But she is one of the rare managers who was really grateful for my help, said she knew it wasn't really my job, and how she 'valued my opinion' on what figures needed to be produced to prove that it really wasn't the problem it had first been thought.

As part of this she was sat at my desk for maybe an hour. And with no-one else around, we had a damn good gossip. And boy did she have a lot to say about the people in the office who believed 'brown nosing' was the way to go forward. How she witnessed it and couldn't believe how blatant some people were about it. And how some people did it, and did they really think intelligent people couldn't see through them.

Couple with this the fact that when we went to the pub last week, N had overheard The Arsehole talking to K about something, and how arrogant and patronising he was being, and how K wasn't going to put up with that.

I know exactly who she was talking about. And she knows I know.

God I love that sort of gossip!

And it's nice to know that management are seeing through his bullshit - even if J doesn't seem to.

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