Sunday, July 18, 2004

Us and Them!

How funny is this? I got a text message off my friend J about the barbecue yesterday. She hadn't been able to go, as she'd had a friend come to visit who had just split from her boyfriend of several years and needed a shoulder to cry on.

First text she sends says she heard M was there, and asks if I had met him.

I text back saying I had spent most of the evening talking to him.

She sends one back saying yes, M is nice, he is 'one of us'. As in, doesn't play the political game at work, waving pompoms and shouting Rah-Rah-Rah to everything the boss says.

I think it is funny that in a party of 40 or so people, I can pick out the sort of bloke who is 'one of us' How like seems to seek out like, in every situation.

Where I work now there is actually fewer arseholes than in other places I have worked (in particular in America, where I know people who have been promoted because they wore a blazer to work every day for 6 months to prove they were management material). Unfortunately, there are getting to be more - again, like attracts like. The boss J has only been with the company for about 18 months. The Arsehole used to work for the same company she did, and they knew each other, and had met "down the pub to discuss him applying for a job with us". No surprise then that he got the job - even when I know for a fact at least one manager was dead against him.

Mind you, he might have been dead against me, I don't know.

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